Get a Natural Looking Stone Feature Wall Without Breaking Your Bank


Faux Stone Panels That Look Exactly Like Real Stone, But Cost Less Than Half The Price


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Save Money with Quick DIY Faux Rock Installation and No Need for a Stone Mason
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Faux RockPanel Suitable For Both Residential And Commercial Fitouts
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Faux Panels Are Suitable For Both Internal Walls & External Cladding


RockPanel is a high-density moulded polyurethane faux stone panel manufactured to be used as a decorative interior feature or an exterior over-cladding system. The panel is moulded to give the appearance of natural rock or stone.

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Faux stone Panels are cast from real stone so provide the look of actual stone when on the wall.
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Faux stone panels are long lasting and easy to maintain. They come with a 20 year limited warranty
Simple DIY installation for the rock panels with standard carpentry tools and easy to understand rock panel installation manual
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Faux stone panels are lightweight making them easy to transport and handle.
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Impeccable external finishing with special shiplap jointing system for faux stone panels

WetWall Panel

Highly durable wet wall linings with 5 layers of protection for your shower, kitchen and other clean areas.

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Extra protection to prevent moisture seeping into the structure and damaging the building
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5 layers of protection with polyethylene core with 2 layers of aluminium coil and PE paint each which makes water seepage almost impossible.
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Keeps Your Wet Areas Clean & Hygenic Including kitchen, bathroom, shower lining, lunchrooms, glossy ceilings, home and commercial toilets and food preparation areas.
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Available in white, black, silver and custom colours on request to match your decor
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Durable, long lasting with significant savings compared to other wet wall linings

RockPanels Used For Various Applications

WetWall Panel Applications

Pyramid Panels - Decorative & Functional Panels Made Affordable & Easy

What Our Customers Say

We have used the Pyramid RockPanel for our poolside landscaping project and have found them to be of high quality and durability. They have been mounted directly onto a timber retaining wall and we are extremely pleased with the look it has achieved. Budget friendly too. The panels were very quick and easy to install with any cutting of different sizes easily done with a skill saw. We then used a small amount of filler to hide any visible mounting screws. Resene’s custom matched colour for any touch ups gave us a very pleasing result we were looking for. Thank you Plywood City.
James Barron

I have been a builder for over 18 years, involved in the Construction, Signage and Display industries. When I was tasked with installing a Brand Promotion involving RockPanel, I was initially concerned how difficult the RockPanel installation might be. There was no need for concern, the installation was a breeze! It was so quick and easy to install, and in very little time we had a rock wall in front of us. RockPanel is so versatile we were even able to highlight the Brand by having the logo routered into the RockPanel then back filled with a contrasting acrylic colour, it was so effective. I have no trouble recommending RockPanel for staging and display situations, not only does it look great, just like real stone, it saves a lot of time and mess. I am now so impressed with it that I am planning to use it at home to decorate the front of my breakfast bar.
Carl Charlton

General Manager, Cranium

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