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The Natural beauty of stone
made easy & affordable

Stylish Yet Affordable

Interior or outdoor living features at less than half the price of real stone.

Cast From Real Stone

Natural looking walls without incurring the cost of a stone mason.

Seamless Face Finish

By easy shiplap jointing system with screw and glue fixing.

Easy DIY Installation

No need for trades people so you can save time, money and mess.

Compatible For Every Place

Indoor, outdoor, pools, decking, landscaping or even commercial applications.

Commercial Fit-Out Dream

Natural looking stone without breaking the bank.

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We can Help You Get A Gorgeous Feature Wall In Your House Or Establishment

Some Of Our Hallmark Faux Stone Panel Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

RockPanel is the brand name of a 1205x295mm decorative construction panel, easy to install and made to look exactly like real stone cladding, rock and schist veneers.

High-density Polyurethane. It is the same material Disney and various movie studios have used to produce synthetic rock formations. Polyurethane was developed early in the 20th Century. RockPanel has been developed from the automotive industry where many vechile parts are made with high-density polyurethane, and polyurethane is now used across many industries.


High quality moulds have been constructed from the best of natural rock & stone available.


RockPanel is VERY user friendly and quite simple to install with shiplap joins and standard woodworking tools and fixings. One panel provides 1205x295mm or .355 metres of cover and can typically be installed in a matter of minutes.

It is a very durable product. Being UV stable, it is suitable for exterior and interior applications, with an impact resistance higher than most real rock & stone and comes with a 20 year limited warranty.


Yes, RockPanel is closed cell content meaning, it does not absorb moisture.


RockPanel is 100% inert and emits no Toxic fumes, even in a fire the smoke is less toxic than wood smoke.


Yes you can but you must consult with the fireplace manufacturers requirements concerning the distance heat sensitive material can be placed from the fireplace. A fire rated RockPanel product is available on an indent order basis.


RockPanel is distributed by Plywood City under their Pyramid Building Panels Division. Plywood City is located at 525 Great South Rd, Penrose, Auckland and has been distributing building panels around NZ and the Pacific for over 45 years.

Need An Advice On Your Project?

We can Help You Get A Gorgeous Feature Wall In Your House Or Establishment