Hallmark RockPanel Projects

RockPanel as indoor feature wall

Our RockPanel product was recently used to decorate the feature walls of a house in Hamilton. The natural light filtering through the house windows reflects on the RockPanel, giving a natural and luxurious feel, and helping to revamp the indoor space. To add add to the wall, family photos and prints to add their personal touches. Home owner, Simon, is thrilled with the natural-looking results he has achieved in his home.

Faux Stone Panel Indoor Feature Wall
Faux Stone Panel Indoor Feature Wall

RockPanel Surround For Gas Fire

Glenn has used our RockPanel as cladding for his outdoor gas fire. Our product is perfect for this application, making the fire place a beautiful feature in Glenn’s outdoor space. The natural textures of the RockPanel reflect the warmth bought into the area by the gas fire. Everyone that has seen Glenn’s new fire has been very impressed with the earthy, yet sophisticated, space achieved by the use of our RockPanel. Always check the manufacturers requirements concerning the distance heat sensitive material can be placed from the heat source.

RockPanel Pool Surround

James used our RockPanel to create a natural-looking surround for his outdoor pool.

Faux Stone Panel Indoor Feature Wall

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Hallmark Wet Wall Lining Projects

Don’t just take it from us, let our work do the talking!

WetWall Panel lining used in motel bathrooms

WetWall lining has been used to refurbish 10 motel bathrooms  at “52 on Rifle Motel” in Taupo. The requirement was to refurbish with minimal down time and mess while looking good and remaining affordable. Pyramid Wetwall Linings fitted the brief perfectly.

Wet wall lining motel
Wet Wall Lining Food Truck

WetWall Lining in Food Service Trailer

Recently, our WetWall panels were used to kit out a Tip Top trailer. The Wet Wall Lining panel is perfect for this application, providing easy clean ups and five layers of protection from any liquids that may spill. Clean and stylish, the WetWall panel has given a new lease of life to this vehicle.

WetWall Panel House Fit-Out

A big project we’ve used our WetWall lining Panel for is the fit-out of a commercial bach in Taupo. Silver WetWall lining was used in the kitchen and breakfast bar areas as an easy to clean kickback. Marks are simple to wipe off this surface, while the reflective finish always looks shiny and new. The silver perfectly complimented the grey and tea colours of the house. In addition to this, the silver was added to an alcove in the lounge, brightening the small space up and making it appear larger. Black WetWall lining was used in the kitchen as a splashback above the oven. This is perfect for food spaces as it can be easily wiped clean and has five layers of protection against any spillages. In the bathroom, a rectangle grooved WetWall lining was used to create the look of a tiled bathroom without all the hassle of messing with grout and tile-cutting. Outdoors, the WetWall lining was used as cladding to provide a modern feel to a once-dated property. Home-owner, Wendy, says of the project, “My house has been transformed by these products from Pyramid Panels”.


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Wet Wall Lining Kitchen

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