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WetWall Panel


Sheets Sizes: 4 mm | 2400×1200.
Fire Rated Panels to IS09705 Material Group 1S.

Available for all types of wet areas:

  • Showers & Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Glossy Ceilings
  • Commercial Uses

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5 layers of protection: Polyethylene core with 2 layers of aluminium panel and PE paint that makes water seepage almost impossible.

Keeps Your Wet Areas Clean & Hygenic: Including kitchen, bathroom, shower lining, lunchrooms, glossy ceilings, home and commercial toilets and food preparation areas.

Matches Your Decor: Available in white, black, silver and custom colours on request.
Affordable cost: Durable, long lasting and less than half the price of seratone or hardy glaze.